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Phillips Foundation is working to prevent societal dysfunction by empowering families with the tools and skills they need to develop healthy relationships and provide supportive environments for their children’s early learning and development (physical, social-emotional, and cognitive).

Healthy Relationships Initiative™

In 2016, the Foundation launched the Healthy Relationships Initiative™ in conjunction with Dr. Christine E. Murray of the UNC Greensboro Department of Counseling and Educational Development. This new initiative aims to prevent societal dysfunction by promoting healthy relationship and family wellness programming to strengthen the Guilford County community.

Existing evidence demonstrates that there are high levels of relationship distress among the population of Guilford County. For example: Greensboro has experienced a 260% increase in divorce from 1970 to 2010; and in 2013 Guilford County led the state in domestic violence homicides. For many families in our community, personal relationships are distressed, and human services professionals in our community—including many of those working in organizations currently funded by Phillips Foundation—struggle with knowing the best way to help support those families to have safe, satisfying, and healthy relationships, which serve as an important foundation of societal well-being.

The Healthy Relationships Initiative™ is a multi-level, sustainable initiative to infuse the local community with existing evidence-based resources, as well as newly developed resources, that will help to promote healthy relationships across all demographic groups in our community, with a special emphasis on the populations served by organizations funded by Phillips Foundation.

Three main targeted end results of Healthy Relationships Initiative™ are as follows:

  • Local nonprofit and other community organizations will be equipped to empower their client populations with skills and information to promote more positive relationship functioning.
  • Community members will have access to a wealth of information and resources that can help them to build stronger, healthier, more satisfying relationships with their partners, children, friends, coworkers, and other community members.
  • Community norms will promote safe, healthy relationships. Community members will understand the value of seeking resources and information to promote more positive relationship functioning, and they will experience the benefits of living in a community in which healthy relationships are valued and supported.
Original Programs


Phillips Foundation has created a platform from which to amplify social and environmental value through financial investments, a practice known as impact investing. Through the Impact Investing Think Tank — a series of events, gatherings, and collaborations — we educate a variety of stakeholders on impact investing and seek to build partnerships, foster collaboration, create deal-flow, and explore opportunities to maximize benefit through impact investing.

Impact Investing Think Tank

Phillips Foundation convenes grant makers, social investors, nonprofits, and community leaders in a series of Think Tank events to explore how to amplify financial, social and environmental benefit through impact investing. At our first such national event, held in North Carolina in May 2016, leaders reshaping philanthropy and impact investing presented proven tools and strategies, foundations shared impact investing successes and challenges, and innovators highlighted investment opportunities such as pay for success contracts, program-related investments, mission-related investments, and social ventures. Following is the event agenda:


Coffee and Registration 9:00 AM
Welcome 9:30 AM
Keynote Address

Dr. Lester Salamon – Johns Hopkins University Center for Civil Society

9:45 AM
Break 10:30 AM
Impact Investing Workshop

Melanie Audette – Mission Investors Exchange

10:45 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM
Foundations’ Perspective: Successes & Challenges

Elizabeth Phillips – Phillips Foundation
Sandra Mikush – Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation
Rhett Mabry – The Duke Endowment
Steve Kelley – Kelley Family Foundation
Robin Gallant – Gallant Family Foundation

Cathy Clark — Duke University Center for the Advancement of Social Enterprise

12:45 PM
Break 2:00 PM
Impact Investing Opportunities Panel

Kristen Cox – Self-Help Credit Union
Beth Bafford – Calvert Foundation
Bonny Moellenbrock – Investors’ Circle
Dana Archer-Rosenthal – Nonprofit Finance Fund
Megan Golden – Institute for Child Success

Moderator: Cathy Clark – Duke University Center for the Advancement of Social Enterprise

2:15 PM
Concluding Remarks 3:45 PM
Garden Reception 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Our second IITT was held during the North Carolina Network of Grantmakers annual meeting in February 2017.  It featured an “Impact Investing 101” presentation and panel by Dana Lanza (CEO of Confluence Philanthropy), Sandra Mikush (Deputy Director of Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation), and Catherine Burnett (Chief Operating Officer of Phillips Philanthropies).

The next event will aim to educate nonprofits about opportunities to leverage impact capital for amplified programmatic impact.

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